In the ‘Blue and White’ magazine for St Andrew’s College, Sydney University:

“Don’t ever forget how important story telling and music is to all of humanity. You only need to look at the comfort found in these art forms when the world shut down for two years to see how essential you are as an artist”

Blue and White Alumni Update

With the Melba Opera Trust Magazine:

Spring 2022

Special Edition 2020

Special Edition 2019

Spring 2018

Autumn 2018

Interview with the Sydney Morning Herald:

“I would much rather be here than working nine-to-five. Because I’ve tried that a few times and absolutely hated it,” Harper says. “People always tell you hard it is to be an artist. But no one tells you how hard it is not to be an artist.”

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In conversation with Spencer Darby for Cut Common magazine:

“The Sydney soprano has proven herself an all-in, dedicated, and deeply passionate artist, who is committed to creating great art every time she takes to the stage.”

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