Jessica is now offering online lessons and performance coaching:

  • Vocal trouble shooting – let me help you put together some exercises to help you warm up before all performances even if you’ve had the worst sleep of your life and your throat feels like razor blades
  • Text analysis
  • Musical analysis
  • Italian and German language for singers (the basics of getting started)
  • How to tell a compelling story
  • Putting together audition packs
  • Coming up with a unique character/ take on a role, and playing to your strengths
  • The nuances of auditioning in different countries
  • How to mentally prepare for an audition or a competition
  • Putting together competition repertoire

Each session will go for 45 mins, and will only cost $50 (AUD) or €30.



TESTIMONIAL – Jessica Harper, soprano, teacher and career consultant

I have had the great pleasure of knowing Jess and watching her thrive as a performer for several years. Not only is her drive and discipline admirable in her personal practice, but she is unendingly generous when it comes to sharing the resources and knowledge that she has acquired over many years working as an artist. I recently reviewed my some of my arias with Jess ahead of an important audition, analysing characters and consolidating a cohesive narrative arc in my performance. We also discussed how to optimise best practices for working in the specific country in which I was auditioning. The entire process was structured, collaborative and engaging, and I believe it had a direct and enduring impact on my successful audition. I have been a grateful beneficiary of this kind of expert advice from Jess for as long as I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside her, and I wholeheartedly recommend consulting with her for any up-and-coming artist looking to broaden their career horizons.

Sarah Ampil, Soprano